About Us

OSTRAC is a training provider specialising in the provision of accredited skilled and introductory training in oil and gas education. Our main area of focus is Sub Saharan Africa.

The company is a subsidiary of the Krew group and was established in 2007 to initially satisfy the industry-wide demand for high quality ROV Technician training & continued professional development, it has grown to meet specific client demands, both locally and internationally.

Collaboration agreements have been entered into with:

- Petro Edge Asia www.petroedgeasia.net- specialist Oil & Gas training provider based in Singapore. Its core focus is on developing a technical and management competency of petroleum engineers, geoscientists and related professionals in leading National & International oil companies and contractors.

- South African Maritime Training Academy (SAMTRA) www.samtra.co.za -a maritime training academy based in Simons Town, which focuses predominantly on the provision of simulator based training.

- Aberdeen Drilling School www.aberdeendrilling.com- specialises in the design and delivery of operationally relevant and accredited training courses for the petroleum industry globally, which enable us to offer a broader range of certified and accredited basic training.

OSTRAC attracts both local and international clients and have featured as a provider of in-house training delivering tailor made courses to clients.

Our clients include: PetroSA, Tullow Oil, South African Oil & Gas Alliance, Forest Exploration, De Beers, Bowman Gillfillan Attorneys, French Telecom, Lesotho Highlands, Umgeni Waterworks